Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An easy fix for a dull home or office.

If you're looking to break the bank and add something new to your home, there's no shortage of options.  A new kitchen, bathroom, a new roof are all many ways to spend thousands to upgrade your home's look or appeal.  Another way, and a lot more cost effective way to invest in the aesthetic appeal of your home or office is to dress it up with art!  Whether you're looking to buy replica art or original artwork, there's plenty of it available on the market.

A Ferjo Original at
Artwork can be a wonderful compliment to any home, old or new.  Some of the more popular artists like Van Gogh and Picasso can be found in galleries all over the world.  But understand that you will surely pay for it.  If you're looking for the art, but not the price, consider CJR Fine Arts.  They are stocked with the most notable pieces of art by the most memorable artists.  Art as an investment can be just as rewarding as any other investment.

Some categories may include:

Sports art
Classic art
Modern art
Vintage art
and much more..

If you're looking to spice up your home or office with famous orginals or replica artwork, head over to You'll be sure to see something that's a fit for your taste.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Investing in Original Artwork

Thinking of making a sound investment?  Why not invest in art?  Well known artists such as Peter Maxx, Monet and Picasso have seen an increase in the value of their original art increase year after year.  Whereas investing in areas like real estate were once considered safe, it's time to consider new investment opportunities that will provide you with a relatively safe investment.  There are even Art funds that are publicly traded on the stock exchange that have seen steady increases of 8% per year.  That's a great return in any market!

A Peter Maxx Original, Available at

Once condisered a niche market, you now have the ability to invest in art and puchase well known orginal online.  Websites like CJR Fine Arts based out of Florida offer an endless amount of art for purchase online. In the past, you would have to walk into a gallery or auction in order to purchase items like an original Picasso.  Now the playing feild has been evened.  Giving you the opportunity to buy such items from the comfort of your own home.  Whether purchasing art as an investment, or simply buying art for aesthetic reasons, head over to CJRFINEARTS.COM and check out their inventory.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Buy Fine Art at an Online Art Store

In the market for originals, limited editions, art glass, art books, sports memorabilia, animation art and vintage posters? Buying art online is a great way to shop for art. If you want art glass, sculpture, prints, or paintings, you can order from an online art store. You can buy art online from famous artsists of past and present including Peter Max, Pino, Chagall, LeRoy Neiman, Ferjo, Picasso, Kondakova, Tarkay, Britto.

Buy fine art online as an investment, a gift, or just for your own enjoyment. Art can be an investment. If you want to buy fine art, you can buy fine art online from an online art gallery that carries fine art, fine art prints, sports memorabilia, art glass, and more. Buying art online can be safe and convenient if you buy from an online art gallery that has secure shopping and a good reputation.

When you buy art online, choose the art you want. It's then a good idea to call and talk to the online art gallery. Find out all about the piece that you want to buy. Also make sure you get authentication and pricing. Then ask for the shipping method and rates. You can get a good idea about the gallery by talking to them over the phone. Then you can go ahead and make your art purchase online.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fine Art, Glass, and Memorabilia

If you love to buy fine art, art glass, framed art, and sports memorabilia you should consider shopping online for your art choices. Shopping for art online is a great way to find the piece you want without the high pressure sales and high gallery commissions. You can search for and order the pieces you want from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you are looking for higher priced items, or if you are under a tight budget. You can search for online art in your price range and take all the time you like to find what you are looking for. Online shopping is perfectly safe as long as you are visiting reputable sites. Look for safe shopping seals like verisign and Verisign assures customers that they are safe from search to browse to buy and sign-in. provides fraud protection for merchants and security for shoppers.

It also recommended that you shop at a company that is either local or at least located in the U.S. If you live in Miami and are looking for a Miami Artist, it's great to find an online art company based in South Florida. Call the online art gallery and talk to the people there about the art that you want to purchase. If they do not provide a contact number, then do not shop with them. Online art galleries are great places to buy art, fine art, art glass, framed art, and sports memorabilia.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fine Art Online

Buying art online can be a great idea. If you do a little research and confirm that the company from which you are buying is reputable and the art is properly authenticated, then you can shop for art online and maybe save some money over those gallery prices. Depending on the type of art you are looking for, an online art gallery can generally offer better prices than a brick and mortar shop because of the low overhead cost of running an online art gallery as opposed to running a store with all of the bills that includes.

Online art galleries are generally great places to buy art from up and coming artists that you maybe would not get the privilege of discovering were it not for the magic of the internet. For that same reason, you will find that the prices are going to be better and you can have a chance to gain that artists contact information and stay in touch if you want to become a collector.

If you are considering online art shopping, go ahead! Enjoy the experience. Just be sure to check out the gallery and artist thoroughly before you buy. Ask questions just as you would if you were walking into an art gallery and speaking with the gallery owner or artist in person. You can always call the gallery, email, request better images, and even speak directly with the artist if you are considering becoming a buyer.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Buying Fine Art and Collectibles Online

When making the decision to purchase art and collectibles online, you should most definitely do your research. Considering shopping with an online art gallery that is local and has a local contact number. Also when considering purchasing art online check that the online gallery has reviews and testimonials from its clients. See if the gallery has a facebook page where customers might post reviews.

After you are confident that you are working with a reputable online art gallery, you can go shopping. Perhaps you are searching for a specific item of sports memorabilia or a particular era of collectible piece. An online art gallery will have all of the categories in order for easy shopping and searchability. You can shop by the type of art of collectible or by the artist, making online shopping easy and low stress.

When you've made the decision which piece of art or collectible you want to buy, ask for authentication from the gallery. Pay with a credit card rather than a debit card so that your purchase is protected, and get shipping insurance if the item is valuable. If you do your homework and take a few necessary precautions, you will have a pleasant experience in purchasing art online from an online art gallery.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What to Look for When Buying Fine Art

When making a fine art purchase, there are many factors that you will want to consider before buying a piece of fine art.

First when deciding to collect fine art, the most important factor is deciding what appeals to you and the type of framed art collectible that you want hanging in your home or office.

You can choose originals, limited editions, art glass, art books, sports memorabilia, animation art and vintage posters. Any of these can be a great investment if you get a good deal on it and the artist is well known.

Some popular artists include Peter Max, Pino, Chagall, LeRoy Neiman, Ferjo, Picasso, Kondakova, Tarkay, and Britto. When choosing to buy fine art, be sure to research and do your homework first. The artwork that you buy should be valuable and have the potential to go up in value over time. The condition of the fine art is very important. Don't buy a piece of fine art that is in need of costly repairs or restoration. Once you have found the perfect piece of fine art for your new collection, hang it on your wall away from sunlight in order to protect it from fading.